Best Dentist in Chicago Heights on How to Take Aspirin

One of the primary goals of the best dentist in Chicago Heights is to relieve any pain our patients may be in. And while mouth pain can be rather common amongst patients, thought the causes varying…you personally may not always be able to make it to our office right away for an appointment to assess it.


Related to this, today we are writing to help clear up one rumor in particular we have heard about at-home toothache relief.


Aspirin. It can help relieve aches and pains in the short term in a variety of bodily locations. Typically, most seeking relief from these tablets will take about 1 or 2 of them with some water and feel relief in about 25 minutes or so.


What we have heard about from some patients, as well as the always churning online rumor mill, is that by crushing an aspirin on top of a tooth in pain, or placing it next to it- the patient felt instantaneous relief from their ache.


We could not advise against this behavior enough.


Have you ever held on to an aspirin for a little too long and had some of the red or white outer coating melt onto your hand? Well, that coating is a safety coating, designed to dissolve over time after you digest it. It is optimally worn away when it is far enough along in your digestive tract that it can release its chemical powers into your bloodstream and thus target the area of ache.


The reason for this coating…aspirin is an acidic compound.


By allowing it to melt in your mouth you can not only still be in substantial pain from your original toothache, but you can also suffer from chemical burns to the soft tissue of your mouth or tongue. Take the medicine as prescribed to avoid complications and see temporary relief from your pain.


For any prolonged toothache or incident, such as a chemical burn to the mouth, contact the best dentist in Chicago Heights to help assess and then treat you at an appointment.


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