Dentist in Matteson on Keeping Your Brush the Best

When it comes to oral health maintenance, sometimes the key number is “two.” We mean that while twice yearly visits to your dentist in Matteson will help your teeth stay in amazing condition for years to come, it is brushing twice daily at-home that can have a huge impact as well.


That’s right, your toothbrush is one of, if not THE, biggest factor in preventing tooth decay, disease and worse dental detriments from striking. And what would a toothbrush be if it wasn’t clean? Re-introducing the same bacteria you are trying to eliminate from your mouth is counterproductive and just downright unnecessary.


In order to help prevent that bacterial issue from becoming a reality, we have come up with some tips for toothbrush maintenance and storage today.


The first step to take, both before and after you brush, is to do something most patients do instinctually anyway. Wash the bristles of the head out with hot water while stroking through with a finger. The combination of pressure, a flow of water and heat can eliminate any particles hanging on after the fact.


Following that, storage is a next crucial step to pay attention to.


When putting away your brush, make sure you are placing it in a toothbrush holder in an upright position that allows it to be exposed to fresh air regularly. Make sure the brush, especially the head, is not making contact with any other surfaces or any other brushes to avoid cross-contamination. And as for that white residue that accumulates on the side or bottom of the holder? Make sure to wipe that away frequently, as those drippings are a place bacteria can fester.


Alongside all of these tips, make a conscious effort in throwing out your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months and replacing it to maintain your overall oral health.


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