Dental Bonding

If you are looking to make small, timely and inexpensive cosmetic improvements to your teeth, dental bonding may be the right restoration procedure for you. During this procedure, a natural tooth-colored resin is bonded to the tooth seeking improvement. Once bonded to the tooth, it will then be cured with an ultraviolet light. This procedure can be completed within one visit to your dentist near Olympia Fields and has no lag time in between visits. Dental bonding is more successful in minor repairs than major restorations.
Pros & Cons
Time: A dental bonding procedure is easy to fit within our busy schedules, as only one visit is required for completion. A custom-made appliance from a dental laboratory is not necessary.
Cost: Bonding is less expensive than restorative procedures such as dental veneers or crowns.
Appearance: The resin material using during the bonding procedure will match your teeth, creating an improved yet natural appearance.
Longevity: While they are faster and less expensive than veneers and crowns, they don’t typically last as long as those restorations. 
Resistance to Stain: When first applied, the bonding material will naturally match your other teeth. However, if they are not properly cared for, they are less stain resistant than other restoring options.
What to Expect
Your dentist will spend anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes per tooth during a bonding procedure. After a natural shade of resin has been determined to match your smile, the tooth will be prepared for the incoming bonding material. The surface of your tooth will be roughened, followed by a liquid conditioner. This will allow for an easier and more successful adhesion.
Once the tooth is fully prepared, the selected resin will be applied. Your dentist will then utilize an ultraviolet light to cure the bonding in place
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