Dental Bridges

If a gap has been created within your smile due to a missing tooth or teeth, a dental bridge can be used to restore it. Most people choose to repair these gaps due to unhappiness in appearance, however, leaving these gaps alone can also be harmful to your oral health. These gaps allow surrounding teeth space and opportunity to shift and move. This shifting can create a painful bite and misaligned teeth.
A dental bridge prevents shifting by securing a false tooth within the open gap. Surrounding teeth serve as anchors for this tooth, holding it in place. Porcelain crowns are often used to strengthen the bond by encasing the surrounding teeth.
Commonly Used Bridges
Different kinds of bridges are used to restore different areas on the mouth. Most commonly, Traditional Fixed, Cantilever, and Resin-Bonded bridges are used. What are the differences? Your 60411 dentist shares below:
- Traditionally fixed bridges are the most commonly used of the three listed above. During this procedure, a porcelain crown encases both teeth on either side of the incoming false tooth. This anchor creates a much stronger and durable bond.
- A cantilever bridge is designed to repair a gap in which teeth are not present on both sides. They are commonly used on front teeth and other areas that don’t experience an intense amount of chewing.
- Resin-bonded bridges utilize metal bands on either side of the incoming false tooth. These metal bands are placed around and secured to surrounding teeth. This style bridge is also usually used in areas that don’t experience a lot of chewing or stress.
The Procedure
A proper fitting dental bridge cannot be made in office. Your 60411 dentist will send an impression of your teeth out to a dental laboratory. Once the custom fitting appliance has been completed, it will be sent directly to our dental office.
During your first appointment, some filing down of surrounding teeth may be required. At this point, the impression or scan will be taken. Temporary bridges are used to finalize your visit and protect your soon to be restored teeth from harm. Upon your second visit, the temporary will be removed and you will be fitted for the permanent bridge. Your dentist will make sure the permanent bridge is fitted and adjusted properly within your mouth for maximum comfort and benefit.
If you are ready to restore the gap(s) in your smile, please call our office at 708-755-2220 today to discuss the option of dental bridges. We look forward to hearing from you!

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