Dentist in Chicago Heights, IL Discusses Enamel Friendly Foods

To protect your teeth from decay and disease, your enamel must be in good health. It’s responsible for covering your sensitive dentin and pulp underneath. Think of it as a shield for your teeth. The enamel is the hardest part of your body, but it can’t fix itself once it’s broken. That’s why you must protect it now.
The enemy to enamel is acid. They eat away at your enamel and leave it vulnerable to decay. The enamel’s job is to protect the dentin and pulp from acid, but it can’t do this if it’s gone. That’s why you must limit your consumption of certain foods and drinks. Here are the biggest culprits to rotting away enamel:
Flavored water with citric acids
Fruit juice
Sugary foods like cookies, candies and cakes
Citrus fruit
Starchy snacks like crackers, bread, pretzels and chips
Good Foods
It’s wise to avoid those substances, but there are some foods you want to add in for some extra protection. Start by picking foods high in calcium. They aid the growth of strong bones, including teeth.
Some great options include:
Dark leafy greens
To absorb calcium, you need foods rich in vitamin D. Some good choices include:
Fortified soy or rice beverages
Phosphorus is also essential and can be found in meat, fish and eggs. In addition, eat more foods with vitamin A like red peppers, mangoes, kale and sweet potatoes.
It’s also vital that you drink lots of water to remain hydrated throughout your day. Water stimulates saliva production and supports healthy enamel. 
Healthy habits combined with proper oral care and regular visits to your dentist in Chicago Heights, IL will ensure that you have strong teeth and a beautiful smile for many years in the future.

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