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Proper dental care is important for your everyday routine, although people don’t take this task so seriously. Your oral health is impacted all of the time from basic actions like eating and drinking, on top of other avoidable actions like biting your nails or opening something with your teeth. Dr. Stanford, your best dentist in Chicago Heights, is here to give you some dental tips to keep your oral health on the top of its game!


While there are certainly foods and drinks that you should avoid, like sugary drinks (soda, some juices, sports drinks) and candies (soft, hard, any of them), there are some items that can be beneficial! Breakfast foods like yogurt, fresh fruit, and granola together are chock-full of health! If you get plain non-fat yogurt and sprinkle whole grain granola with cut-up fruits, there’s an extreme amount of flavors that make the meal more enjoyable. There’s loads of calcium and protein!


Speaking of fruits, it’s important to keep up with your fresh food items! Vegetables, as well. The vitamin C in fruits and veggies can help prevent gingivitis. While there are positive outcomes from these foods, there are still some negative side effects from having too much—fruits are high in acidity and can slowly cause tooth enamel damage. Having too much of anything can cause damage, so if you’re constantly enjoying oranges, carrots, or other foods that are naturally high in a specific nutrient, mix it up with salads or drink more water to help remineralize your saliva to continue the protection.


Flossing and mouthwash are two important dental hygiene steps that many people don’t do enough, or at all, not knowing how vital it is to keeping your teeth as healthy as possible. Flossing should be included during your brushing routine, most likely before because you’re able to loosen any of the food and then fully ridding of it when you brush.


If you have any questions about more dental tips about changing your diet to improve your oral health, then contact the best dentist in Chicago Heights, Dr. Stanford! Click here to request an appointment or call this number (708) 755-2220 today!

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