60411 Dentist Discusses Organic Toothpaste

Organic products are all the rage and taking over the market. As we continue to learn more about the benefits of eating organic foods, it makes sense to look at how they might benefit other areas of our lives. That’s why the time has come to discuss organic toothpaste and your oral care. 
Many questions in the minds of patients include, “Can I believe the hype about organic products?” and “Will the organic toothpaste clean my teeth like the regular versions?” It’s time that we break down the information and get to the facts. Once you understand how toothpaste works and what you need in toothpaste, you’ll know what the best product for your family is.
How Does Toothpaste Work?
Surprisingly, it’s the brushing of your teeth that cleans your teeth. The movement alone is what’s needed to clean. Does this mean you should get rid of your toothpaste? Absolutely not! Your toothpaste plays an important role as well. It eliminates and fights off harmful bacteria in the mouth that leads to gingivitis and bad breath. 
Ingredients such as fluoride, saccharin and sodium lauryl sulfate are all found in traditional toothpaste and are needed to fight bacteria. These products are chemicals, so it causes some people to worry. The reality is that the doses are so minute; they aren’t harmful to your health.
What Makes Organic Toothpaste Different?
Organic versions contain all-natural properties instead of the conventional chemicals in regular toothpaste. Many times you’ll find breath-fresheners like mints included. There are also some anti-bacterial agents like spearmint or peppermint oil. There aren’t any detergents in organic toothpaste which acts as soap to the teeth and gums.
What’s the Best Route?
If you want to limit your family’s exposure to chemicals, then organic toothpaste is an option to consider. You still want to choose one from a reputable company that offers the ingredients needed to fight bacteria. Your 60411 dentist can help you determine if switching your brand is a good idea considering your dental needs. Either way, make sure you continue brushing twice a day to ensure a healthy, white smile. 

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