Keep your Mouth Clean This Spring

Now that spring is right around the corner; it seemed fitting that we discuss ways to keep your mouth clean. Follow these four simple steps and your dental hygiene plan will be on track for a beautiful spring.
Replace Your Toothbrushes
You should get into the habit of changing your toothbrushes every three months, or with each season change. Your toothbrush needs to reach between the small spaces in your mouth. As the bristles wear out, this becomes less possible. 
Other than replacing your toothbrush seasonally, it is also wise to give them a switch anytime you’ve battled an illness. The winter months brought plenty of germs that could be living among your bristles waiting to infect you once again.
Check Expiration Dates
Many people aren’t aware that their mouthwash contains an expiration date. It should be plainly listed on the bottle and now is a great time to check it. When you use mouthwash beyond its expiration date, you could face a difference in the taste and effectiveness. 
Buy More Floss
Every day, you should be using about 18 inches of floss. If you are following the guidelines to a healthy mouth, you go through 45 feet of floss each month. Spring is a great time to stock up on your favorite dental hygiene helper so you never run out.
Make an Appointment
Your teeth should be checked and cleaned by the dentist every six months. While this should always be on your calendar, now is a good time to check. Many people skimp on their dental visits and wait until a problem arises. This is not the smart way to handle your relationship with the dentist.
Regular visits help your Chicago Heights, IL dentist to detect problems before they become disastrous. Preventing a dental issue is better than having to deal with costly and painful procedures to correct them later. When we turn the clocks forward and back (during spring and fall), it’s a good time to remember to book your dental cleanings. These times of the year tend to work best on the schedule; far from summer vacations and holiday plans.
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