Dentist in Chicago Heights, IL Shares Link A Between Oral Care and Breast Cancer

You’ll find people supporting breast cancer awareness throughout the entire year. That’s because most of us know others who have been affected by this terrible disease. But did you know that there is evidence which suggests that your oral care could be related to your breast cancer risk?
Real Danger
Despite the fact that breast cancer rates have been decreasing, the danger is still real. Innovations in treatment are helping many overcome the effects of this devastating disease, but we must do more to prevent it.
Cancerous mutations are a result of life and the general aging process, but every small lifestyle change puts us on the path of avoiding these diseases. It is estimated that a person with poor mouth health could be 11 times more likely to develop this cancer. That’s a scary thought!
Thankfully, we have some control over the health of our mouth and can cut those odds dramatically. With the proper care and help from a qualified dental team, your chance of experiencing mouth-related issues like periodontal disease is much lower. 
Good Oral Care
So, let’s fight back against these statistics and take better care of our teeth. Here’s what you must do:
Brush your teeth at least twice a day (and don’t forget your tongue too). Use fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush approved by the ADA.
Floss once a day paying close attention that you are removing the debris between your teeth.
Visit your dentist twice a year to supplement the cleaning you are doing. 
While this disease appears to be on the decline, it is still important that we take every step we can to prevent it from occurring. Inform your friends how their oral health plays a role in their breast cancer risk. 
Then, let’s take every step we can to stack the odds in our favor. Start by eating right, exercising regularly and taking good care of your mouth. Not only will this help to prevent diseases of the body, but it will also help you to achieve a beautiful, healthy white smile.
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