Matteson IL Dentist Wants Patients to Protect Oral Health


Sometimes, patients underestimate the importance of oral health, especially adults. It’s more likely that people will, and prefer to, get a physical check-up before a dental one. While physical check-ups are certainly important, getting dental check-ups can save your teeth! Simply brushing your teeth in the morning and at night isn’t exactly enough to make sure your teeth are being properly taken care of. Meeting a professional, like your Matteson IL dentist, and knowing about your oral health is vital because it can affect the rest of your body!


While it’s true that what you put into your mouth affects your body, it also affects your teeth. If something were to happen to your mouth first, whether it is the beginning of tooth decay, gingivitis, or more, then you may not know it if you don’t go to your dentist on a bi-annual basis. By that time, it may be too late to complete any full reverse procedures and time to move forward and start talking about possible surgeries.


Anything you put in your mouth, whether it is food or drinks, is coming in direct contact with your gums and teeth, so naturally they’re the ones who take the brunt of the damage. Acidity from foods and drinks can wear down your teeth faster than you think, so while what you’re consuming is damaging your body, it’s also damaging your teeth.


An issue that can occur if you’re not properly taking care of your teeth is the development of diabetes. If your gums aren’t being cleaned and flossed properly, then gingivitis and eventually periodontitis can occur. Periodontitis causes extreme inflammation in the gums and mouth, which weakens the body’s ability to control blood sugar. If a person has diabetes, they have a lot of trouble breaking down that sugar because of their lack of insulin.


Making sure that you’re properly taking care of your oral health is no different than making sure that the rest of your body is healthy, as well. Making appointments and following the instructions of your Matteson IL dentist will further improve your overall health in no time! Call this number (708) 755-2220 or request an appointment here today!

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